About Us

Hof & Co. DMCC, located in Dubai's prestigious Almas Tower within the world's leading free zone, DMCC, specializes in crafting bespoke high-end jewelry. We serve elite clientele and select retailers globally through wholesale partnerships, alongside a wide retail customer base by appointment and online.

Treasures Recognition: Recognizing jewellery as treasures, we employ every means to operate optimally and efficiently, preserving the inherent value of our fine jewelry.

Value Preservation Commitment: We are committed to maintaining the value of  jewelry, ensuring our clients retain the full worth of their investments through meticulous design and operational efficiency.

Operational Meticulousness: Our efforts go beyond design; they extend to operational excellence, deep no-how ensures that the value inherent in our fine jewelry is preserved throughout its lifetime.

Investment Retention: We acknowledge the significance of these pieces as investments, and our focus is centered around preserving and enhancing their value for our discerning clients.

 Timeless Connection: We are committed to serve our clients with natural diamonds and gemstones as a dedication to practices as old as time, aligning with a tradition that respects the Earth's resources and the communities relying on them. Our choice offers stones formed over millions of years in harmony with the natural world, ensuring each piece has a story rooted in the ancient legacy of our planet.

Community Support: Our dedication actively contributes to supporting communities whose economies depend on mining and cutting these precious gems, becoming a catalyst for uplifting lives and fostering sustainable development in diamond-producing regions.

Pride in Role: At Hof & Co. DMCC, we take pride in being a conduit, playing the role of the connecting point between the extraordinary beauty of natural diamonds and the conscientious choices of individuals.